5 Best Things to do in summer vacation | during lockdown 2021

5 Best Things to do in summer vacation, but at present, the examinations are going on in the country, along with the board exams, the examinations of other classes also end in March and April. Then comes the time of summer vacations. Most of the children like to roam and have fun during the summer holidays, but even after visiting many places, a lot of time is saved in going to school again, in such a situation, most of the children spend the whole day at home playing video games and watching TV, But if the parents want then these holidays can be put to good use. In fact, as soon as the summer holidays start, it seems as if the parents’ school has started because children do a lot of diabolical activities during these holidays. If you are a parent and want your children not to sit idle during the summer vacations and make good use of this time, then today we are going to tell you about 5 skills that will be very useful for children if they are taught.



5 Best Things to do in summer vacation music

It is said that there is magic in music so send your kids to learn music during summer vacation and then see the change in their life. Music is an art that can be learned at any age. Nowadays music classes will be found near you, in which vocal training is also given along with guitar, sitar, piano etc.



5 Best Things to do in summer vacation

Theatre is such an art that every person should learn. Children learn the art of speaking and expression through theatre. There can be no better use of summer vacation than to give theatre training to a child.



5 Best Things to do in summer vacation

Painting is the best way to express creativity. If your kids are fond of painting, then why not send them to a painting class this summer.


Reading and writing

5 Best Things to do in summer vacation

Studying here do not mean reading the syllabus at all. Reading means that you give children a good and positive book to read, as well as motivate them to write their thoughts, this will improve the writing skills of the child and increase the level of his knowledge.



5 Best Things to do in summer vacation

If your child is fond of cooking then you can send him to any cooking class. Cooking is a job that takes a lot of work ahead of learning. Children go out for further studies, so cooking will be of great help to them.

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