Ukraine is a large country in Eastern Europe is known for its Orthodox churches, Black Sea coastline and forested mountains. Its capital is Kiev. The majority of people in Ukraine speak Ukrainian. The people of Ukraine is very are friendly and kind, make this country perfect for outside visitors.

Ukraine most attractive places in Europe. You will ask what to do in Ukraine? Well, there is lots of things to do in Ukraine like mountains, churches, Ukraine castles, some river activities and beautiful Ukraine monuments. You will get a beautiful place to visit in Ukraine, there are the must see sites in Ukraine are listed here, top 10 Ukraine famous places to visit:  

1. Synevir Lake

Synevir Lake

The most beautiful and largest lake of Ukraine, Synevir Lake is located in the Carpathian Mountains. This lake attracts tourist with its clear water and amazing landscape. It is the perfect place to relax. Ukrainian tells of a local duke’s daughter, Syn, who had a majestic beauty and unusual blue eyes. She was the only joy for the duke, who lost his wife when sin was born. Syn fell in love with Vir, When the duke found out about their secret relationship, he killed Vir. Syn rushed to her’s beloved’s grave, hugged a gravestone, and started to cry and that’s how this lake was created. 

The best time to visit in spring during the sunrise or sunset, although two to three it will take to view.

2. The Motherland Monument (Kiev)

The Motherland Monument

The Motherland Monument is an amazing sculpture in Kiev, the Capital of Ukraine. This statue was built to honour the Heroes of the Soviet Union. The sculpture is one of the greatest attractions for tourists. The sculpture comprised of steel It’s general structure, estimating 102m including its base and weighing 560 tons. 

The best time to visit the Motherland Monument is early in the morning at 10:00 am, when the crowed is less. The tour of Motherland Monument takes around 3 hours to visit.

3. Shypit waterfall

Shypit waterfall

Shypit waterfall is Ukraine’s most beautiful water located on Pylypets River. It looks glorious when water flows from 14-meter height on the rocks. It’s about 3.7 miles from the village of Pylypets, attracts most of the tourists from being glorious scenery and pleasant weather. Apart from that you can taste Ukrainian traditional food by enjoying the view. Shypit is the perfect spot for a picnic and a photo shoot with family and friends.
The best time to visit in summer in May-June, when the climate is comfortable for sightseeing. It takes almost 2-3 hours to explore the glorious waterfall. 

4. Saint Sophia’s Cathedral, Kiev

Saint Sophia’s Cathedral

Saint Sophia Cathedral is located in Kiev and one of the iconic landmarks of the city. This Cathedral is Ukraine first to be on the list of World Heritage site. It was built by Prince Yaroslav the Wise in 11 centuries. The architectural work on this monument is remarkable. It is of 29m height and look gorgeous at evening. It attracts thousands of tourists to visit and take pictures of it. Its count one of the famous and beautiful architecture Cathedral in Ukraine.

The best time to visit Saint Sophia Cathedral is from May to June. Opens at 10 am to 6 pm, arrive early to avoid crowed. 1 to 2 hours is a good time to visit this place. 

5. The Golden Gate of Kyiv

The Golden Gate

The Golden Gate of Kyiv is the most iconic landmark of the Kyiv. The golden gates were built in 1017-1024 by Yaroslav the Wise. Many of the locals say that the Golden Gate of Kyiv was the main gate in the 11th century fortifications of Kyiv. It has now become one of the famous tourist attractions of this city. This beautiful monument, attracts thousands of tourists from different part of the world.

There is no perfect time to visit this wonderful monument. Try to go early as it gets crowed quickly. You can spend 1-2 hours to explore the Golden Gate of Kyiv.

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6. The Palanok Castle

The Palanok Castle

The Palanok Castle is also known by Mukachevo Castle, located on a 68-metre-high volcanic hill in Zakarpattia. It was built by Prince Fyodor Koryatovich in 10th century, which was again rebuilt in the 14th century to update the defence of the castle. This castle is magnificently built, which spread over 13,930 square meters on the hill. The view from the castle is wonderful and it is the tourist favourite spot to visit. You can also visit the historical museum which is located inside the castle.

The best time to visit the castle in May, early in the morning when the castle open to avoid the crowd. Opening hours 9am to 6pm. You can visit the castle in 3 to 4 hours. You can also take the help of guide that you can find in the castle to understand the history of Palanok castle in details.

7. The Carpathian Mountains
The Carpathian Mountains

The Carpathian Mountain is the highest peaks and one of the natural wonders in Ukraine. It’s about 1500 km long range in central of Europe. This place is the home of brown bears, chamois, deer, wolf, fox, and many more. Some of the things that you love to do it like skiing from the top of mountain, hiking and trekking, enjoying scenery, bird watching, and viewing animals in their natural habitats is such a wonderful experience to have. This place is very popular among the tourist, especially in winter, when the mountains are filled with snow and ready to ski.

The best time to visit in spring or winter. Both seasons has its own beauty. You should stay at least 2 days to explore this place.

8. Sofiyivka Park

Sofiyivka Park

Sofiyivka Park is a botanical garden located in the city of Uman. This beautiful park has a huge collection of trees. This magnificent garden spread over 179 hectors and very popular among the backpackers. This place is near the Kamianka River, which make this place look more gorgeous and perfect spots for photo shoot. It is a sensible exploring establishment of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine. 

The best time to visit in autumn, when all trees are at their charming state. You need at least 3 to 4 hours to enjoy the glorious view of the park.

9. Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Kiev Pechersk Lavra is a famous Orthodox Christian monastery located in Kiev. This beautiful monastery was built in 1051 and one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visiting here you can feel the most spiritual atmosphere in the whole city. The architecture of Kiev is one of the best in the world and the perfect example of Ukrainian Baroque. It is must visit site for tourist.
The best time to visit in spring, which occurs in May, when the temperature is neither hot nor cool. Opening times 6am to 8pm. 2-3 hours is a good time to visit this place.

10. Kamianets-Podilskyi Fortress

The Kamianets-Podilskyi Fortress


The Kamianets-Podilskyi Fortress is the most beautiful castle and one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine located in Khmelnytskyi Oblast. The ancient Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle was built by King Casimir IV Jagiello in the 14th century. This iconic landmark is the most visited tourist sites in the city. Some of things to do in this city like a fly in a hot air balloon, Smotrichsky Canyon, Castle Bridge, and perfect spot for photo shoots. 
The best time to visit Kamianets-Podolski castle in May or June. Opening time from 9am to 7pm. The castle takes around 1-3 hours to explore and to do other activities in the city you need a minimum of 2 days.

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