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1. The Angel Falls

The Angel Falls is a cascade in Venezuela. It is the world’s most noteworthy continuous cascade, with a tallness of 979 meters and a dive of 807 m. The cascade drops over the edge of the Auyán-tepui mountain in the Canaima National Park, an UNESCO World Heritage site in the Gran Sabana locale of Bolívar State. Heavenly attendant Falls is one of Venezuela’s top vacation destinations, however an outing to the falls is a confounded undertaking. 
The best time is in the rain season from June to November, in term to see all the beauty of the falls itselfIt should take at least two days explore.

2. The Ávila National Park


The Ávila National Park, authoritatively known as Waraira Repano National Park for its name indigenous Cariban name, ensures some portion of the Cordillera de la Costa Central mountain extend, in the beach front area of focal northern Venezuela. The territory’s most elevated rise is Pico Naiguatá, at 2,765 meters above ocean level.  Avila National Park (1958) is well known among explorers and campers from the Caracas zone, including Naiguatá Peak and different developments in the Coastal Range, the recreation center backings an assortment of natural life at heights going from around 400 to in excess of 9,000 feet. 
The best time to visit  is in the month of december. The tour will take approximately 4 hours and it could be arranged in the morning or in the afternoon.

3. The Morrocoy National Park
The Morrocoy National Park is a secured island and marine save on the Caribbean shore of Venezuela. Some portion of Falcón express, it’s known for its mangroves, island sea shores and cays like Cayo Sombrero for its white-sand sea shores, which stretch along the terrain turning into the Venezuela vacation destination. The recreation center’s reasonable waters highlight coral reefs overflowing with fish, ocean turtles and dolphins. The wetlands of the Cuare Wildlife Refuge are rich with birdlife, including red ibis and flamingos. 
The Best Time To Visit  are from December to January. Two day is a good time to relax and explore the Morrocoy National Park.

4. Médanos de Coro National Park


Médanos de Coro National Park is a Venezuelan national park situated in the province of Falcón, close to the city of Coro out and about that prompts Paraguaná. It is known for its enormous sand rises, otherwise called Médanos. It must visited vacationer place, who make some dynamite memories moving down the sandy slopes. Activities here are-Sunset Hike, late evening outdoors, Hiker high on the rises, and desert safari as well. 
The best time to visit are from march to August,  you can choose to move on late afternoon, when the sun is not so fierce. I suggest to stay at least  a night over here to see the Stargazer.

5. The Margarita Island


The Margarita Island, some portion of Venezuela, lies in the Caribbean Sea around 40 kilometres north of the territory. It’s a mainstream occasion goal, containing 2 promontories connected by the sand and mangroves of the Laguna de la Restinga national park.The top attractions to visit in Margarita Island are-Playa el Yaque, La Playa El Agua, Laguna de la Restinga, Basílica Nuestra Señora Del Valle, and Waterland. 
The best time to travel to Margarita Island is from late February to late March, or you can also prefer in winter December through February. 2-3 day is good enough to explore this place.

6. The Mount Roraima 

The Mount Roraima is the most noteworthy of the Pakaraima chain of tepuis (table-top mountain) or levels in South America. Mount Roraima is the most elevated mountain situated in Canaima National Park. It is picking up its prominence because of its effectively available and mainstream climbing goal. A considerable lot of the species found on Roraima are novel to the tepui levels with two neighbourhood endemic plants found on Roraima highest point. 
The Best Time To Visit are December and AprilThe trek to Mount Roraima will take you around 6 days and here are the complete details to know all about it so that you have an impeccable and adventurous journey.

7. The Orinoco Delta
The Orinoco Delta is a huge territory of to a great extent uninhabited tropical swamp prairies in eastern Venezuela, cut up by waterways and common channels. Inside the delta is the Mariusa National Park, with its rain-forest, swamp backwoods and mangroves, home to rich bird life, spectacles caimans and boa constrictors. Vessels set out from the town of Tucupita, the delta’s business place and capital of the Delta Amacuro state. 
The best time are June to August, is not the high season for tourism in Orinoco River Basin, so lodging and other accommodations may cost less than usual. The tour to the Orinoco Delta can be done in 2-3 days. Some more site are there which would take additional 4-5 days. 
8. The Canaima National park and La Gran Sabana
The Canaima National park covers 3,000,000 hectares and recorded at UNESCO as a world legacy site. La Gran Sabana is a district in southeastern Venezuela, some portion of the Guianan savanna ecoregion. La Gran Sabana is another colossally famous vacation destination in Venezuela as a result of its delightful vegetation and stunning regular ponders that most voyagers are in look for. Swimming at the base of the cascade is the fundamental feature which gives an invigorating break from the dry season. 
The best time to visit are from October and November. 3 to 4 day trip is fine to explore the place comfortably. In overall this Venezuela tourist attraction is quite pleasant to spend your vacation.

9. Salto El Sapo
Salto El Sapo isn’t tremendously known falls, since its close to popular edge fall. An interesting fascination, where you will live the experience of strolling behind a drape of huge amounts of water that falls just inches away. A short pontoon trip over these falls, you can stroll between the bluff and the water. The visit to these falls gave an understanding into the tremendous force that enormous volumes of water have. You climb to the side of the falls and afterward stroll behind them. 
The best time to come is during the rainy season, at this time the waterfalls increase in volume and you can enjoy more. You can visit 2-3 hours in Salto El Sapo. Here you can find less crowed as it not much famous as Angle falls is, so you can take your time to enjoy this falls.

10. La Laguna Victoria
La Laguna Victoria is of frigid lake and is one of the most excellent in the Sierra Nevada National Park in the State Merida , Venezuela. the Mucubají tidal pond by methods for a walk where we initially show up at the Black Lagoon and from that point we start to slide until we discover the Victoria Lagoon. A portion of the things that you like to do in Laguna La Victoria are-perfect for Picnics, Camping, photography, angling, getting a charge out of nature. Must be set up for the trip. It is a delightful spot where you can appreciate nature with a few alternatives, both for the traveler who is on a walk, and for the mountain dweller who likes to walk.
The best time to visit from November to April, the climate will pleasant and enjoyable. I suggest 2 to 3 hours would be enough for relaxing here.

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